Berlin Delights is a female owned hemp start up with a deep focus on high quality nutrition and superfoods for body, mind and soul.

Apart from all 100% certified organic ingredients, all products are local sourced and handcrafted by people with disabilities.

The combination of this power substance – HEMP – with other natural and organic certified ingredients to balance once’s body, mind and soul where displayed within the corporate identity and their look and feel.

The colors display the mixture of smooth ingredients, green hemp, golden honey, yellow bee pollen and beige chaga.

The products are high in essential fatty acids, proteins, vitamins and minerals to potentially increase the performance of the human nervous system.

The products contain no sugars or other additives.

Each single step of this value chain is transparent – from the comb trunk to the ready filled honey, which I am happy to smear around the mouth of my team.

We work together with Mosaik Werkstätten and FSD Landwerk in Berlin and thus support their integrative project development for people with disabilities.

As the CEO of this company, I have designed not only the Corporate Identity, the Products, the Webshop, the Photographs, Shop in Shop Systems, but also the whole value chain, customer journey and Social Media Strategy & Content.